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girls teams

Junior AcademyJesse Barajas/Marissa Rico/Lexi Osso
G17/18 MaroonMarissa Rico/Lexi Osso
G16 EliteLeslie Bryant
G16 Maroon
Marissa Rico
G15 Pre-DPLOJesse Barajas
G15 EliteJesse Barajas
G15 MaroonLeslie Bryant/Marissa Rico
G14 Pre-DPLOLeslie Bryant
G14 WhiteLeslie Bryant/Marissa Rico
G13 Pre-DPLOJesse Barajas
G13 WhiteBill Rex/Katelyn Rex
G12 DPLOJohn "Koko" Kokoszka
G12 MaroonElliot Peterson
G12 WhiteNicki Munoz
G11 DPLOAndy Winn/John Roland
G11 EliteJohn Roland
G11 MaroonElliot Peterson
G10 DPLOAndy Winn/Tony Everett
G10 EliteJohn Roland
G10 MaroonJohn Roland
G09 DPLOAlex Rico
G09 MaroonBill Rex
G08 DPLOAndy Winn/Tony Everett
G07/06 DPLOCole Fipps

boys teams

Junior AcademyJason Cusworth
B17/18 BlackAlex Filipovic
B16 MaroonMartin Wallwork
B16 WhiteJason Cusworth
B16 BlackAlex Filipovic
B15 MaroonMartin Wallwork
B15 WhiteMartin Wallwork/Jason Cusworth
B15 BlackAlex Filipovic
B14 MaroonWes Meadows
B14 WhiteJason Cusworth
B13 MaroonAlex Rico
B13 BlackAlex Filipovic
B12 MaroonAlex Rico
B10 MaroonJason Cusworth
U16 UPSL (2008)Omar Masri
B08/09 UPSL 2Ali Pormiri