Sporting Slammers FC is a family. There's a place for everyone in a family. Whether you're just starting your soccer journey, looking for a new level, or hoping to play in college and beyond, we have a home for you. Learn more today!

girls teams

G16/17 MaroonLeslie Bryant/Marissa Rico
G15 MaroonLeslie Bryant/Marissa Rico
G14 MaroonLeslie Bryant/Marissa Rico
G14 WhiteLeslie Bryant/Marissa Rico
G13 MaroonBill Rex
G13 WhiteJonathan Gluchowski
G12 EliteKoko
G12 MaroonKoko
G12 WhiteElliot Peterson
G12 BlackNicki Munoz
G12 SilverNicki Munoz
G11 EliteAndy Winn
G11 MaroonJohn Roland
G11 WhiteChanna Samynathan/Jonathan Gluchowski
G10 EliteAndy Winn
G10 MaroonJohn Roland
G10 WhiteTony Everett
G09 MaroonAlex Rico
G09 WhiteBill Rex
G08 EliteAlex Rico
G07 MaroonChristian Vaughen
G06 EliteAndy Winn

boys teams

B16/17 MaroonChristian Torres
B15 MaroonChristian Torres
B14 MaroonWes Meadows
B14 WhiteJason Cusworth
B13 MaroonChristian Torres
B12Alex Rico
B11 WhiteLuis Rodriquez
B11 MaroonBen Gredler
B10 MaroonJason Cusworth
B09 MaroonChristian Vaughen
B08 EliteOmar Masri
B08 MaroonAli Pormiri
B07 EliteMartin Wallwork